Hermione Granger's Wooden Wand


Hermione Granger was best known for having a keen mind, a valiant heart, and the ability to excel in all her studies. She was an invaluable friend of Harry Potter and ally in the fight against Lord Voldemort. Made with unique vine wood and a dragon heartstring core, Hermione’s wand was acquired at Ollivanders shop in Diagon Alley.

This exclusive signature wand has been hand-crafted and hand-painted, and is the first of its kind to be made from premium sustainably sourced wood to create the most realistic experience, with a superb and authentic look and feel.

The flawless recreation of Hermione Granger's wooden wand measures approximately 38cm and is housed in a deluxe ribbon-lined Ollivanders display box. The luxury Harry Potter wand is sure to become the pride of any fan’s collection. Please note this wand is a collectable replica, and not a toy.