London Iconic Gringotts Hoodie
London Iconic Gringotts Hoodie

London Iconic Gringotts Hoodie

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This exclusive crimson-red hoodie is unique to the London Iconic Gringotts collection and features a striking graphic illustration of the white Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon flying over top a geometric design, representing the dramatic break-out from Gringotts Bank vault.

At the top of the hoodie, you’ll find a design which reads "Warner Bros. Studio Tour London" with "Gringotts Wizarding Bank" in a banner at the bottom in gold font. Two scales balance the design at the sides, including the famous Gringotts coin on the right.

This London Iconic Gringotts Hoodie is made from a 100% soft cotton and includes two adjustable strings for a suitable and comfortable fit. Available in unisex adult sizes XS-XXL.