Second Edition Ravenclaw Enamel Pins Set


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Start your Harry Potter Fan Club Pin Seeking collection with this Ravenclaw house pin set. This 6-pin set includes the Ravenclaw house crest, a glow-in-the-dark Grey Lady, Ravenclaw house banner, the Ravenclaw Diadem, Ravenclaw scarf, and an exclusive pin available only when you purchase this set - the Ravenclaw eagle! Each pin is finely detailed and is themed around the house colours, making it the perfect gift for all Ravenclaw fans. 

This 6-pin Ravenclaw Enamel Pins Set is part of the Harry Potter Fan Club Pin Seeking collection and features a rare pin that can only be obtained as part of this set. The box is fitted with magnets so you can connect your box with other box sets as you grow your pin collection!