Danielle Nicole Love Potion Crossbody Bag


Sparkle and shine! This stunning Danielle Nicole Love Potion Crossbody Bag whimsically recreates a vial of a potent love potion, or 'Amortentia' as it is known within the Wizarding World. The essence of this powerful elixir is captured in a stunning bold graphic design!

The dazzling pink-hued glitter and reflective banner and topper will be sure to catch the eye, as trendy rose gold hardware compliments the iridescent, playful look. The word ‘Amortentia’ can be seen in black embroidery on the back. Open the bag to fully printed interior lining.

This crossbody bag measures approximately 15 x 23" x 7.5 cm. Polyurethane outer casing with polyester interior.