The Magic of MinaLima Hardcover

The Magic of MinaLima Hardcover

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Celebrate Mira and Eduardo's twenty-year journey with this magical compendium chronicling their extraordinary partnership designing for the Wizarding World. This immersive book is bursting with images, graphics and unseen sketches plus original commentary and interactive elements.

“It all started with a letter . . .”

In 2001, when Warner Bros. invited Mira and Eduardo to realise the visual universe of the Harry Potter film series, they could never have imagined that the graphic props they designed would become cultural icons loved by fans around the world. From Harry Potter’s Acceptance Letter to The Daily Prophet, MinaLima’s designs have been essential building blocks of the Wizarding World since the very first film. The Magic of MinaLima showcases their very best works across two-decades with original commentary offering insights into the imaginative thinking that shaped their designs. Including interactive elements such as The Marauder’s Map and the Black Family Tapestry, this book is an invaluable resource for Wizarding World and graphic art fans alike.

Publication: October 2022
Publisher: Harper Collins
Format: Hardcover
Size: 286 x 241 x 18 mm
Pages: 224