Ravenclaw Attribute Wall Banner

Ravenclaw Attribute Wall Banner

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Have you been sorted into Ravenclaw? Chances are you posses their house attributes! This classy looking wall banner will remind every Ravenclaw student (or alumni) of Wisdom Learning and Wit.

The design of this reinforced canvas banner is reminiscent of a heraldic crest on a shield, with the Ravenclaw house name proudly embroidered in large gold font in the center. The house traits are embroidered to each of the three crest edges, reading Wisdom Learning and Wit. House symbolism is printed throughout.

This Ravenclaw Attribute Wall Banner measures approximately 54 cm in height and 41 cm in width including the black tassel detail sewn along the bottom. A post is sewn into the top to help hold the banner flat, and includes a string to hang it from a wall.