Hufflepuff Mascot Athletic Socks

Hufflepuff Mascot Athletic Socks

£10.00 £7.00 GBP

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Get ready for Quidditch practice in Hufflepuff team colours! This bold, graphic set of athletic socks will enhance house pride while brightening up any loyal Hufflepuff's wardrobe.

A striking contrast in bright yellow and black catch the eye in the traditional house colours of Hufflepuff. A heraldic stencil of a badger can be seen prominently above the ankle followed closely by the Hufflepuff house name embellished along the length of the foot. Yellow, grey and black stripes wrap the top of the socks while the toe and heel feature a yellow cap.

These Hufflepuff Mascot Athletic Socks fit adult shoe sizes 5-10, and are also available in the three other Hogwarts houses.