Slytherin Mascot Journal

Slytherin Mascot Journal

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This bold coloured, high contrast mascot journal will brighten up any proud Slytherin's home study, or can make a statement during potions class while taking notes!

A striking contrast in bright emerald green and black catch the eye in the traditional house colours of Slytherin. A heraldic stencil of a snake can be seen prominently on the front cover followed closely by the Slytherin house name embellished underneath. A black elastic is attached and wraps around the cover to help hold everything in place. Inside, a watermark stencil of the mascot snake is centered on each ruled page, and includes an additonal ribbon.

This sturdy leather look Slytherin Mascot Journal measures approximately 17 cm x 26 cm x 2 cm. Also available in the three other Hogwarts houses.