Ravenclaw Mascot Scarf

Ravenclaw Mascot Scarf

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Get ready to head to the Quidditch match in this bold Ravenclaw accessory. Perfect for everyday wear, this knitted scarf comes in navy, silver, and bright blue - the traditional colours of the Ravenclaw house. A prominent graphic design of an eagle, the house time honoured mascot, is woven just above the long blue and silver mixed tassels. On the opposing side, 'RAVENCLAW' is mirrored along the edge. Makes a great addition to any Ravenclaw student's winter wardrobe!

This Ravenclaw Mascot Scarf measures approximately 144cm long excluding tassels and 20cm wide. Tassels measure approximately 15cm. Scarves in this style are also available in Slytherin, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff House designs.