Slytherin Mascot Luggage Tag
Slytherin Mascot Luggage Tag

Slytherin Mascot Luggage Tag

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Have your travel gear stand out from the crowd with this statement Slytherin Mascot Luggage Tag!

Deep green and black set the tone in the traditional house colours of Slytherin. A heraldic stencil of a snake can be seen on the front right of the tag mirrored by the Slytherin house name embellished vertically along the left. Stitch detailing runs the perimeter and contributes to the leather-like look and feel.

On the reverse, a paper strip including passenger name, address, phone number and email information can be seen through a clear vinyl window and is inserted through a slit along the top. The black attachment strap is striped with house colours and finished with a gold metallic buckle and hardware.

This Slytherin Mascot Luggage Tag measures approximately 11 cm x 7.5 cm and will announce your house pride when attached to any travel bag, suitcase, or backpack!