Yume Hogwarts Students Pencil Set

Yume Hogwarts Students Pencil Set

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The enchantment of Hogwarts comes alive in this mechanical pencil set, featuring three unique designs of Harry, Hermione and Draco in the Yume Collection's anime inspired style. Crafted with a decorative barrel, each pencil is a work of art, with intricate details that perfectly capture the essence of Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo - The Making of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter's pencil design boasts a beautiful powder blue background and showcases both Hedwig and the Golden Snitch. Meanwhile, Hermione shares space with both Crookshanks and a Time-Turner on her baby pink pencil. Draco's pencil is in a dark forest green and sets a somber tone with serpents slithering in the background. 

With a length of approximately 15.5cm and a diameter of 0.8mm these pencils are perfect for everything from sketching to taking notes. All pencils are topped with a clip and a white eraser.